PAXI supports community entrepreneurs

Published FY2022

  • Human and intellectual capital
  • Building Better Business: Community support
  • MM: Achieving growth in a low growth environment
  • Growth driver #4: Footprint leverage
  • SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Paxi’s purpose is to make it easy for anyone to send and receive parcels anywhere. For Paxi’s 24 000 entrepreneurs they provide a customised solution, building relationship to support small growing businesses. PAXI enables communities to purchase products and use services they might otherwise not be able to access or afford.

Amber Rose – Gifting
“I love helping people, I love helping women”

Vicky is a call centre agent by day and makes gift hampers as a side hustle. She is a university graduate and lives in Tembisa, Ebony Park, Johannesburg.

“ I grew up in Ebony Park. I lived there for most of the life then I moved to Noordwyk for a short while. So I sell specifically maternity bags and menstrual packs. So its for women who don’t have time or for women who experience a lot of pain during their period and would to comfort eat. So it caters for all sorts fo women. My mother told me about Paxi and said it’s very easy and convenient because there’s a PEP everywhere.
I use PEP most of the time because that’s the closest for most of my clients and customers. Paxi has made life easy because I can run my online business to anywhere in South Africa. As long as there is a PEP nearby, then anyone can order from me.”

Mmatebogo Veronica Mere – Mteigh Clothing

Mmatebogo is a Spaza shop Owner, Vegetable Street Vendor and Clothing line Founder of @Mteigh. Mteigh worked as a personnel cleaner in Mafikeng for six months. While working she saved money to open a Spaza also named after her clothing brand. She is currently working as a vegetable street vendor to fund her Spaza and clothing brand.
Her business is in Mafikeng, North West.

“ I was born in Kimberley and raised in Mafikeng in the North West. When I was 26 I decided to start my own clothing line called MTEIGH. I’d honestly say Paxi has contributed to the growth of my business, because now I can reach customers that are far. I have customers in Cape Town and I’ve never been in Cape Town.”