Community investment

Published: FYxx>>updated FY22

  • Human and intellectual capital
  • Building Better Business: Community support

Whether it is giving a learner the chance to have extra lessons or facilitating surgical procedures that allow them to smile, social contributions have a huge impact on family and community life.

Pepkor recognises that small financial donations, large national investments or even a simple warm blanket for winter all have the ability to have an exponential social impact. We act at group level to ensure that this impact is as significant as possible. Our operational businesses and brands are fully supported as they invest in their own programmes, in their own way.

Our social contributions aim to fulfil our purpose and give recipients the opportunity to live with dignity and pride. Within this context, we support specific organisations and relevant experts in their fields, all of whom play an important role in helping us achieve our social investment goals.

PEP Academy first opened its doors to Grade 4 learners in 2008. The brand recently made contact with the academy’s first learners to find out where they are in life. From the feedback received, it is clear that the programme has achieved its goals. Not only has the PEP Academy delivered clear returns on its social investment, it has also benefited learners as they move from primary to high school.

‘I am now at university and have a much better self-understanding. I can speak English better than before the Academy.’
Nontsikelelo Nonkeleha, 19 years old

‘The PEP teacher taught us never to be negative, because negative thoughts lead to negative results.’
Lauren Johnson, 19 years old

Ackermans brings value to the lives of its customers, employees and communities through an Ububele (kindness and generosity) programme that invests in multiple initiatives. These include social enterprise development, planting trees, stock and new store opening donations and the brand’s flagship programme, Ububele Schools. The Padimas (Ackermans employees) are also very involved in their communities and are encouraged to nominate specific local programmes to receive support.

JD Group supports the Click Foundation. The foundation is aligned with the technology brands sold at Incredible Connection and HiFi Corp. Its work improves the ability of learners to use technology at home or at school – creating vital building blocks for future learning.

The Building Company supports children through donating building supplies to children’s homes and schools. These donations improve and enhance their physical environment by creating safe, well-equipped spaces.

FLASH supports the Smile Foundation, which helps children with different types of cleft palate conditions. FLASH not only funds the foundation’s surgical procedures, but also helps the organisation improve the quality of life for South Africa’s disadvantaged families by encouraging, informing and educating parents. In addition, FLASH offers ongoing support to the foundation’s medical teams by investing in skills development programmes and funding much-needed medical equipment.