PepClo turns 50

For many years, the local clothing manufacturing industry has been battling the influx of cheap imports, which have made it difficult for South African manufacturers to expand their operations.

Despite the significant challenges facing local manufacturers, PepClo has been a constant producer in the industry and continues to offer valuable employment opportunities.

From its launch 50 years ago, PepClo has made a difference in people’s lives by manufacturing high-quality garments right in the heart of their community. Simply put, PepClo has transcended the building it occupies and the products it produces to become an important part of local community life.

To pay tribute to its dedicated employees, the business celebrated its 50th birthday with its employees.

‘We are people with heart, making garments with heart. I believe we make a difference in people’s lives. We contribute to the growth of our employees, who are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, leaders in communities and mentors to children. But we also serve our customers, stitch by stitch and garment by garment, so that they can step out into the world with dignity and pride. From the moment we source our fabrics and trims and start cutting, counting, sewing, ironing and packing garments, we know we are helping a child who is going to school so that he or she may also grow up to make a difference. This is what makes me most proud: who we are and what we stand for. It’s why I come to work every day.’
Marthie Raphael, CEO of PepClo

Top and right: PepClo employs 2 000 people in the country’s largest clothing manufacturing facility under one roof.

Leon Lourens (Pepkor CEO) addressed PepClo’s employees during the birthday celebrations.