Spaza shops, street vendors and informal market traders play a vital role in the South African economy. We aim to make a positive difference where the formal and informal markets converge, particularly for women who rely on informal trading to sustain their families.

The Flash business supports 167 000 traders in the informal market, all of whom are entrepreneurs in their local communities. Flash provides mobile vending options, enabling traders to enhance their own business offerings and provide their communities with access to trade. To reward traders on promotions and projects run during the year, bonuses were paid in addition to normal trader commission. In 2023, Flash also obtained the rights to distribute the R350 SASSA SRD grants. The ease of distribution of these grants are typically hampered by limited access to distribution points, long queues and social unrest. Since June 2023, Flash traders facilitated 383 222 SASSA grant transactions amounting to R134 million, ensuring convenient and safe distribution to beneficiaries.

Our PAXI service offers a convenient and affordable way for SMMEs to send and receive various items. This empowers small entrepreneurs by providing a reliable delivery option, with more than 5 500 PAXI business customers trusting our infrastructure and service with their product, sending more than 600 000 parcels in FY23. This service is enhanced by the newly introduced online portal for regular PAXI senders and business owners to efficiently manage and track parcels on a single platform.

PEP and Speciality has established partnerships with Taking Care of Business (previously known as The Clothing Bank) and The Do More Foundation to support our mission of eradicating poverty in South Africa. Through stock donations more than 145 500 items were donated to TCB, aiding informal clothing traders in reselling products in their communities. These partnerships will continue to grow, contributing to the circular economy by reducing fashion waste.