Our direct water usage is limited to general consumption in the work environment. Because of the location of most of our stores and these premises being leased, water forms part of general utilities and is not specifically measured. However, with our operations being in water-stressed countries we make an effort to implement water savings and efficiency initiatives across the group, especially in locations such as logistics hubs, DCs and head offices. In FY23, we harvested 26.162 kℓ of water.

Initiatives include:

Water harvesting
To save water, some operational sites have water tanks to supplement water supply and water-saving initiatives are in place, largely via water harvesting systems at the group’s own buildings, offices, DCs and logistics hubs.

Water recycling
Water is recycled, specifically where wash bays are used in the logistics operations.

Behaviour change
Responsible use is advocated throughout the group and at store level where many of our employees use shopping centres’ water supply.

New PEP DC development
Responsible water usage and installation are automatically considered with new property developments. The new PEP DC has a water harvesting and filtration system. An on-site attenuation dam, with a three million litre capacity, provides water for all-purpose use, including drinking water.