E-commerce goes live

Pepkor Speciality embarked on a fully integrated omnichannel customer offering

Technology, customer behaviour and a globally changing world that was also influenced by COVID-19, fast-tracked the roll-out of e-commerce across the Pepkor Speciality brands. Brands are supported in stores and online by a shared world-class infrastructure delivering products from the group’s Hammarsdale and e-commerce DCs for distribution to stores and customers.

Everything we do – our merchandise, our service, our store and online offering – is for our customers.

The group’s capabilities, retail experience, continuous investment in technology, logistics infrastructure and extensive footprint have made it possible to include an online offering to our customers, focused on the adult wear market, where the need for an online presence is more pronounced.

Going online not only enhances the sales capability of a business, but it has also become an important medium through which a brand can stay connected to our customers. With a growing online community of fans and followers, our customers are our biggest brand voices, and our largest marketing channel.

Correct fulfillment with accuracy, speed and extended brand approach is critical to manage customers’ expectation and brand experience when they receive their online order.

Our customers are spending more time online for browsing, shopping and sharing their brand experiences. By actively engaging with them, growing a loyal following, and delivering on our various brands’ promises, our customers become our validation and our marketing.

Within the first three months of going online, Refinery increased our online impressions by 267%.

Products arrive at the Hammarsdale DC, where orders are picked and packed for distribution to the Cape Town and Johannesburg hubs (for store distribution) or Cape Town e-commerce (for online orders).

At the e-commerce DC, items are unpacked, sorted and shelved for repicking and packing for online orders. Online orders are fulfilled within 24 hours of the order being placed and delivered to the customers within 2.5 days (on average).

Offering customers value, quality and a great shopping experience: