By managing the cost of doing business and optimising efficiencies within our group’s supply chain, we use our scale and extensive footprint to our advantage.

This allows us to transfer these advantages to our customers, thereby offering competitive and affordable prices across a wide array of products and services. In our Clothing and general merchandise (CGM) business the average item price ranges from R48 in PEP to R298 in Tekkie Town, highlighting our commitment to making everyday living more affordable. While we do provide specialised products, most of our offering is focused on value-priced items.

We implement the same principles of efficiencies and use our footprint to offer additional value-added services, from digital transactions to parcel delivery.
While price and affordability are at the heart of our customer value proposition, we also recognise the importance of providing other payment channels such as lay-bys and credit. We also provide quality products and services that can be used for longer. We therefore continuously strive to improve our product quality and value offering to our customers.